Some sing. Some quack.

My own luck with Pelikans has been anything but Irish.  I seem to attract bad nibs, and filler units that pop out of barrels at the worst possible time. Not wanting to feast on Hannover lemons, I sent the entire flock south and called it a day.

Life had other plans though. My best-est friend asked me to adopt a monster of a Pelikan, thinking that we might make a good pairing. I had my doubts but she certainly knows her pens.  So on her say-so, I brought an M1005 Demonstrator home.

Naked is the new black, but black isn’t old either.
Nothing to see here, folks. Just Sailor’s Summer Sky.

It looked like it devoured M200s for breakfast, though its transparent guts refuted my suspicions. It is the largest pen I have ever used and it took a while to get comfortable with its Teutonic proportions. It did however dilute my pessimism by a significant measure.

An Extra Fine that can flex like Bruce Lee.

The rhodium plated EF nib has a pleasant mix of spring and flex. With my typical downstroke, the line looks to be a Medium but the ascenders and connectors are a notch below Fine. Unlike a lot of M1xxx nibs out there, this needed no ministrations from a nibmeister to flow reliably.  This may or may not herald welcome news from the German marque, but it has earned a slot in my case.

Kinsmen as alike as Fredo and Michael.
Green stripes as cut by a tailor from Hannover

Another bird joined the nest this Christmas. Unlike the look-at-me vibe that the M1005 oozes, this one is more sober. Boring, you might say. The M600 is a size larger than the M2xx/M4xx series, which is a good thing. It has enough girth to give its striped suit a nonchalant hint of swagger. Sort of like the guy who dresses up to please himself more than anyone else.

It isn’t the size of the boat, you know…

The two-toned Fine looks a little small for the pen.  Like Leonidas in size 6 sandals, it emasculates the whole thing just a bit. However, pretty is as pretty does and this one does a lot. The tipping is perfectly aligned and gapped from the factory. It lacks the spring of its elder sibling but the line variation it gives is equally pleasing. It does have the faintest hint of feedback but being used to Japanese tips, this might as well be hallucination.

Curiously, each nib shows stubbish qualities. It seems Pelikan has adopted a less rounded tipping profile. Some folks may like this. Others may not. For my part, I appreciate gaining line variation without making a trip to a nib wright.

Pardon the lack of color correction, but you get the idea…

It would seem my luck is changing. But in no way am I pushing it.


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