A benchwarmer finally scores

The words “sport” and “pen” don’t usually occupy the same space. I mean I can’t imagine anyone pulling out a pen in the middle of any game, unless your job is to be that guy. You know the type. The one who is good enough to make the team and wear the colors but will never make it beyond warming the bench. And so he ends up taking down stats for the coach while the First Five cruise to glory.

Recently, Scribe became the Philippine dealer for German brand Kaweco. I had no plans to pick up a new pen, but I did promise to support local shops whenever possible. So in the course of a lazy Saturday afternoon I found myself at their Shang Mall branch, hunched over a display case.

It’s small enough to be Yoda’s light saber. It looks the part too!

They had several Sport models on display. I really don’t know how they named this model but it is their take on a long-short design. There was a bunch of resin variants flanking a trio of aluminum AL Sport models. I was drawn to one that oozed a bronzed shimmer. It was actually a dark gray AL Sport but the warm lighting of the shop caused the color shift. Neat! I asked for a BB nib, a chrome pocket clip, a six-pack of black carts and moved on to enjoy the rest of my mall adventure.

Later in the evening, I inked the pen and discovered it was hampered by hard starts and skipping. After several flushings, some Google work, two grades of Micromesh and a piece of laminating film, I got the pen to write uninterrupted. It needs a bit of rotation to stay reliable but once you find that spot, it’ll write within the limits of its feed. Normally, I wouldn’t put up with such teething pains. I’d ask a nib wright to sort things out. But there was something so appealing about the package that I wanted to make it work.

The runt has moves. It'll stretch to match an unposted Long Major, if it has to.
The runt has moves. It’ll stretch to match an unposted Long Major, if it has to.

If you’ve visited this blog before, you know that I like my Japanese pens more than anything else. However, I will not dump any of them into my denim pockets or daily totes. The chunky Kaweco actually looks forward to running rough shod in some corner of my Hedgren or Qwistion. Refinement is not its long suit, but it will boldly go where urushi fears to tread.

There are days when even the First Five can’t find their rhythm. Looks like this second stringer just found its game.


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