The joy of decluttering


These pens went on the market today and within hours, all found new homes. Most of these are Leigh’s, but the big clear Pelikan was in my care for about a year. It seems none the worse for wear and I’m pleased that it is going to someone who wanted this particular demonstrator with this particular nib. Serendipitous indeed.

The Chartres Blue Century was also a trusted ally for the better part of the year but an honest look at my box told me that as much as I took delight in wielding it, it might bring even greater joy to someone else.

Not two weeks ago, I let go of another Pelikan — an M600 with an exquisite Masuyama EF regrind. It was good to me but I felt it longed for and justly deserved better hands. It was welcomed by a pen friend blessed with the lightest touch. I can’t forget the glee on her face when she first touched the nib to paper. Another great pairing achieved.

So now, no Pelikans call my case home and I am a Platinum short. But to play matchmaker to pen geeks looking for the right fit outweighs any pain that thinning the flock brings.

Maybe there are a couple of idle writers in your box that’ll make someone’s day?


3 thoughts on “The joy of decluttering

  1. Dennis

    The M1005 will always be in my rotation. No better way spreading the interest in FPs than a with a demo pen 🙂 Line and wetness is perfect. Thanks again

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