Lighting more than a candle

Lighting more than a candle

Last week, super typhoon Haiyan ploughed through the Philippine provinces of Samar and Leyte. The destruction it inflicted is beyond words and even the most eloquent international news anchors are speechless as they cover the conditions on the ground and train their lenses on the plight of the survivors.

Aid has been slow in coming but as more international humanitarian groups converge on the Philippines, we are hopeful that relief will soon be in full swing. Everyone in this country is doing whatever he or she can to help. No measure is too small. No effort too modest as we race against the hunger pangs that claw mercilessly at the survivors with each passing day.

We light a candle for our dear departed and pray that we can soon lay them to rest. But with the same fervour, we struggle to fan the embers of hope and work feverishly to bring our distressed brethren the relief that they need.

If you can, donate to the Philippine Red Cross. For the pen people out there, Leigh has organised a pen sale with all proceeds going to the Philippine Red Cross. Visit her blog ( for more details.