Silent this Christmas

I thought of resuming posts this month but so many people in my country remain in need of aid and it doesn’t help that the government intends to stop distribution of relief packs by the end of the month.

Luckily, the citizens have decided to boldly go where their leaders fear to tread. Initiatives like Project Santa are now bringing toys and cheer to the kids in devastated towns. Efforts like the Peter Project are raising money to replace the boats lost by thousands of fishermen in distressed coastal villages. And of course, the Philippine National Red Cross continues to work heroically even after the camera crews and politicians have gone home.

It will take decades to revive all the places that Haiyan hit. Those of us who were spared her wrath have every reason to be thankful, and all of us have the duty to contribute to the recovery of our people in whatever way we can.

Please keep the Philippines and her children in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season.