Corleone was right…


The Godfather trilogy was a huge presence in my generation’s memories of cinema. In the last installment of the franchise, an aging Michael Corleone is trying to set his house on a legitimate path when twists and turns make reverting to his old ways somewhat inevitable. In frustration, or perhaps acknowledgement of his circumstances, he exclaims in anguish, “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!”

Several months ago, I bid goodbye to the readers of this blog, thinking it was a permanent farewell. At the time, the fire I had for the fountain pen hobby had died and I had more pressing matters (like finding a new job) to worry about. Well, just as Pacino’s Corleone discovered, life wouldn’t let go of me so easily. 

A monthly lifestyle magazine of a local daily invited me to do a quarterly column on pens. It wasn’t a tough ask so I decided to contribute what I could. I then discovered pointed pens and went giddy over obliques, and flex, and iron gall ink. Along the way, my interest in writing forms and their tools surged like no one’s business. 

The short version is that this blog will continue. It may tackle a fountain pen model every now and then, but I’ve decided to delimit it from self-inking nibs. I can’t quite predict how all of this will go, but you can bet that whatever fancies entrance me at the moment will be written about and shared on this space.


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